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1. Herbert Starts His Day (LXT Remix)
2. Good Things Fly By (Jimmy Hinson Remix)
3. He Who Has A Dream (Iconcrash Remix)
4. A Bad Night (Myc Wyse Remix)
5. Naughty Secrets (Testube Remix)
6. 48 Hours of Life (Rich Curtis Remix)
7. Infatuation With Cheese (DLP Remix)
8. Pervert Intelligence (Omnicron Remix)
9. Herbert Stabs His Brain (Justin Lassen Remix)
10. Insecticide (LabRat Remix)
11. Herbert Finally Goes Home (DDH Remix)
12. Hebert's Misanthropical Death (EMT Remix)

"I gave no rules, expectations, no guidelines, I let the artists do exactly what they wanted to do with each track! All of them sound so cool and collectively they are a fun mix of audible art for our brave little game! Thank you LXT, Jimmy Hinson, Iconcrash, Myc Wyse, Testube, Rich Curtis, DLP, LabRat for being apart of this release! Now everyone, download and enjoy! Curious what the original versions sounded like? That's still free too! Herbert has been a special project, and I couldn't be more proud of this group of artists for giving me their time, patience and hard work! Make both albums apart of your collection today! Free! :)"
Justin Lassen

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